Saturday, September 8, 2012

An inevitable birthday post. :)

It was my 20th birthday yesterday on the 7th. :) I bought myself an Instax 210.
I love it and am so glad I decided to get it.
I went to OrangeLeaf with my little sister. 
I took this with my Sony A200

And I took this with my new Instax 210
Then, my parents took me to Half Price books where I got about 6 books, and the sir Elton John record I've been searching for.

My parents took me to a surprise party at Chuck E Cheese. :D
it was so awesome. Here's some instants from it:

Then I ran out of film, ahha. I didn't know we were going anywhere special so I only brought the ten exposures that I had already put inside the camera.

Also,  I got some pretty cool stuff. I'll make a post about that later though.
When I got home, my bestfriend came and picked me up. I'll post that stuff soon, too. :)
I had a really spectacular birthday, no lies.

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