Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Wishlist.

1. Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette

2. Fuiji Film Instax 210
(Which I am considering ordering as a gift for myself!)

3. Alice: Madness Returns for Xbox360

4. Sephora's Moonshadow Baked Palette; "In the Nude"
5. Urban Decay Single of YDK
(And honestly if I hadn't just ordered a fairly large haul from e.l.f I probably would've bought this single. I still really want it though. It is literally my favorite shade I've ever tried from UD. It is gorgeous.)

I'm not going to number this because it's kind of silly, but.... HARRY POTTER LEGO SETS! 
I took this photo of my lego Harry a few days ago for my 365 day challenge on tumblr. :)
Camera: Sony Alpha 200
 Haha. Last Black Friday I was at Target gettin' my Black Friday on. I found a package that advertised a mini HP Lego Set. You got Harry and a potions shelf. I bought it. I love Harry Potter, and I really had a good time putting the mini set together. I have it on a shelf in my room on display. A couple days later I went back to Target to see if there were other kinds available. Nothing. I was disappointed but figured as much. I looked on Amazon where I found not only huge sets but an xbox360 Lego HP game. It was cheaper than any of the sets on there, so I purchased it. I play it all the dang time. I will happily purchase Years 5-7 sometime before this year is out, I swear. 

On another Lego note, my boyfriend and I celebrated my birthday early before school started. He got me Pizza Hut for lunch, a really pretty card, and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. He's the sweetest. I really like the game as well. I guess I just have a thing for Lego stuff. :)

The honest truth on how my birthday will play out is my parents are taking me to dinner, (food is awesome!), and depending on if I decide to get myself the Instax 210, there will be my present. Which I really am leaning towards. I do not expect anything from them except a dinner and probably a cake. They're awesome people and I appreciate all the little and big things they do for me everyday. That's enough. I just wanted to make a snazzy birthday wishlist because they're fun. It's like circling a million things in the Christmas catalogs my Mom used to get when I was 7 years old. I circled a million things but when it actually came to the day and not one of the things was there I never even noticed because I was so happy with what I got instead.  

I hope everyone's had a really great day and evening!

- Noralee

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