Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Current Obsessions!

  1. Covergirl Lipsticks. I have mine in original, and it is SUPER moisturizing. :)
  2. Billionaire Boyfriend.
  3. Luminessence Candles. I have mine in Pumpkin Spice and it smells amazing.
  4. ELF Pressed Powder. Mine is in Light Beige, and I love the glow it gives my skin.
  5. Renuzit Aroma. in After The Rain. You can definitely tell when I have this open in my room and when I don't. It makes a really big difference to the smell of a room. 
  6. Wet n' Wild Lipsticks. I did a review of it, and I recently purchased, Bare It All, and it is a beautiful nude color.
  7. Five Star: Flex Binders. My Mom recently picked on of these up for me, and I love it. I don't have a lot of classes this semester, so I'm using it for everything, and it's working perfectly. It's compact, and even fits in most of my purses. 
  8. Braided belts. This is a big staple in my wardrobe, and it's about that time of the year again when I break them all out again.
  9. Sparkly Toms. I love mine. :)

What are ya'lls current obsessions? Leave a comment!

Love, Noralee

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