Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drugstore palettes.

On the top left: ELF's Beauty Book in "Cool." Middle front: L.A Colors in Neutral
Right: It didn't have a brand on it, just said, "Tablet palette"
ELF: Okay, I think I will talk about the ELF Beauty Book in a haul video or a later post, because I purchased it for my sister, and I want to see how she uses it and likes it. She let me swatch the colors, and I personally found them very chalky, especially the matte finishes. However, the price was only $2.75, so the amount of shimmer shades that are not chalky, are worth the price, I'd say. But, again, I'd like to see how she uses it.

L.A Colors: I picked this and the Tablet palette up at the Dollar Tree. I immediately grabbed the L.A Colors palette because of all the browns. I love to wear neutrals. I keep my make up very natural during my daily life. There are two matte shades, the white and the brown right next to it. They are somewhat chalky, but are SUPER pigmented. I've been using the white as a highlight, and I love the way it blends into my skin. All of the browns are very pretty, and I will have swatches up, either in another post, or in a video. I say this is a total hit for me.

Tablet: All the packaging on this said was, "tablet palette," because up close it is made to look like a kindle fire tablet or just a really large iPhone. It is actually the size of my Kindle Fire. Haha. Honestly the as soon as I took the first swatch I was literally shocked. The consistency of the eyeshadow is so creamy and soft. It blends easily, and has AMAZING staying power. The four lipglosses, are actually not glossy at all. They are totally lip stains. I've used all of them now, applied with my lip brush. I like the red one the most because it stains the best. The pinks end up looking like my regular lip color. In the middle is a blush with a bunch of shades in it. When blended together, it's a nice earthy tone. I think my only complaint is that because of the smaller size of it and the fact that the lip products are around it, I find myself having a hard time getting my blush brush to pick up any product without getting it all over the lip products. So, there's a con. I'll just stick with my Nars blush, I guess. :) I don't know where this mystical Dollar Tree palette came from brand wise, but it is wonderful. The colors are beautiful, and the consistency is to die for, no joke. Swatches to come. Totally a hit for me.

I'm sorry I rushed these without swatches, but I just wanted to get them posted before all my sephora and elf products came in, and these have been sitting on my desk for a week now waiting for me to photograph and post. Haha. :)

- Noralee

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