Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ELF: Countour Kit

I LOVE this kit. I've been waiting for a long dang time to try it out. It was never at my local Target, and it was sold out for awhile on the website.

I love the color of the blush. It is beautiful. And y'know, I've swatched it next to my panned beyond panned Nars Orgasm, and they are REMARKABLY close. This is a really inexpensive dupe, and I recommend it heavily.
A little goes a LONG way with both of the colors, but for me and my skin tone, it's really the bronze I have to be very careful with.

Both are smooth and blend very well. This product is totally a hit, and I think you should pick one up at your local Target or order one off of eyeslipsface.com :)


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