Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Wishlist.

1. Infinity scarves! I love my printed one I recently wore in my Face of the Day post.
2. Sephora's Sugar Kiss Lip Treatment. I love the duo minis I got for my birthday, and I'd really like to try out this coral one.
3. Lace dresses! This H&M one is gorgeous.
4. Sephora's Moonshadow Baked palette in - In The Nude. It is so gorgeous.
5. Riding boots! In brown of course. :)
6. Nyx Matte Lipsticks. This one is in Pale Pink.
7. These gorgeous organic heart shaped plugs. I have about three more stretches until I'll be where I want to be, and then I will purchase myself these beauties.
8. Bath & Body Works candles, particularly the Autumn scented one. I smelled it at the store recently and fell in love.
9. Kat Von D's True Romance palette in, Saint.

Thanks for reading! What are ya'll looking forward to this fall? And what is on your wishlist?

Love, Noralee


Maria said...

The dress is soo cute!I want to get riding boots as well!Nice post!:)
xoxo Maria

noralee. said...

I've wanted a nice pair of riding boots forever! Thank you, you're a doll. :) xx.

Charlie Bickell said...

Thanks for following, I love your blog :) I wish bath and bodyworks candles were easily available in the uk, the Autumn one sounds amazing, read about it in lots of reviews x