Saturday, September 1, 2012

Glowsticks, Scissors, Failed DIY, and BFFFLAD.

 This is a stop motion I made of events yesterday. The camera I use is a Sony Alpha 200. And the song I used is, The World Spins Madly On by The Weepies.

   My bestfriend is Jasmine. We like to get all DIY up in here all the time. Yesterday we made a Target run after sweating at a park and getting ridiculously hungry.

    While we were looking around the dollar section of Target, Jasmine said, lets get glow sticks and bubbles. She pulled up a DIY blog on her phone and showed me "glow stick bubbles." I was so IN. The blogger said all you needed to do was empty glow sticks into a container of bubbles, and blow. It sounded simple, so we went for it.

    We purchased these things, some food, ate, then went on our merry way to one of the various parks in our town. When we got there we noticed a truck was there. At first we were hesitant to stay since it was dark, but the park was well lit and the driver of said truck was nowhere to be found. So, we hauled our stuff to the merry go round and began working on these glowing bubbles. First thing we noticed was, we did not purchase scissors. Good job us, right?

    Jasmine went to her truck to try to find something when a man in swim trunks comes walking up to her. He says he's really thirsty and out of water, so she offers him a juice box. He takes it, and gets in his truck. She heads back over having not found anything resembling scissors or a knife and we continue trying to open these glow sticks. This man approaches us, asking our ages, names, why we're out there so late. It was literally uncomfortable. When we get up to start leaving he asks why, so we mention we don't have any scissors. He claims to have three pairs in his truck if we wanted to come get them. We said no, and proceeded through the parking lot to our vehicle. Creepy.

    To be fair though, he did have three pairs of scissors, and he gave us two pairs as we were pulling out of the parking lot. Which we both found pretty strange. Jasmine bolted out of there not wanting him to follow us. We proceeded to a different park across town and set up camp again. This time with the strange man's scissors it was easy to open the glow sticks. First thing we found out though, cutting open a glow stick is like projectile vomit. The second thing we found out was that it just didn't work. Maybe it was because the glow sticks were cheap or we didn't have enough, but it just did not work. It was depressing. Jasmine was totally disappointed because she had had this DIY bookmarked for awhile on her phone and really wanted to do it.

    Let down and feeling like failures, I notice there are some glow sticks left in the tube. So, I tell her about the light photography. She's seen my photos of it before, but we had never done it together. I included these photos at the end of this stop motion. I think it made up for the fact that our glow-y bubbles were a failure.

- Noralee

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