Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hit or Shit?: ELF Translucent Matifying Powder

 This is on ELF's Studio Line, hence the black packaging. It was $3.00
 I couldn't really swatch it, since it's a translucent powder. But, it will blend into any skin tone, if you were wondering.
I got this stuff just on a whim when I was ordering. I had the 50% off code for the studio line, and I'd heard some good stuff about this powder from some YouTubers.

I never expected to love it as much as I do. Seriously.

I keep it in my purse 24/7 now! It's like, you're going through your day and your face starts to feel a little oily, right? Just pull this out, put some of the powder over the oily area, and first of all, it doesn't smudge your make up, and second of all it soaks up all of the oil! I love it. When you use it over your foundation and powder routine, it isn't overpowering, it blends into your make up and gives you a more photofinish matte face look. It is gorgeous.

I live in Texas, so it's still really hot during our transition to cooler Fall times. So, I stick to wearing light coverage tinted moisterizer and pressed powder. I love the effect it gives your face when you put it on over your present make up. It looks smooth and airbrushed.

ELF's Translucent Matifying Powder is worth it, and totally a hit.

Love, Noralee


spiderleglashes said...

Hit or Shit is the best name for a post ever. Love ELF! xo

noralee. said...

Haha! Thanks. :)
I love ELF, too.
It's the bees knees. xx.

Vicky Hoang said...

wow! imma check this one out :] great review

noralee. said...

Thanks! You totally should. It is awesome. I just ordered another one to keep in my purse. :)