Monday, September 24, 2012

Hit or Shit?: ELF's Eyebrow Kit (Medium)

 I've been trying out the ELF Eyebrow Kit, in Medium.
It comes with a dark cream, and light powder. So, typically, I fill my eyebrows in with the dark cream, and then use the light powder as a setting powder for them.
 This is what the color looks like when you build it up. (About 2-3 swatches.)
And this is what it looks like with just one swatch.

I did the swatches like this to show you that almost any shade of brown eyebrows light or dark could be used with this one kit. I like that there are options with this product. Some days all I do is take the powder and dust it into my eyebrows and go, those are just days when I know I'm going to be sweaty and in a hurry all day, but I don't want naked brows. Haha. And, the fact that you can build it up to a much darker shade is awesome, because I used this kit to fill in a young lady's brows for her senior photos when I was doing a shoot for her. Her brows were black, and I was able to build up this kits pigment easily to shade her brows in.

I think this kit is a hit for the price, it's from ELF's studio line, therefore $3.00.

Though, some days I gravitate back towards my pencil because it is quick and easy. I will say that sometimes with a pencil lines and get a little harsh by accident, and that is never the case with this kit

Love, Noralee 


Lisaaaaaa(: said...

I found this at the dollar tree, but they only had it in light. I don't know if I should get it or not.. lol.

noralee. said...

I say it's worth a shot. I really love mine, and I was afraid the gel side would be too dark and the powder side would be too light. But, both are wearable together and alone on my eyebrows. They blend very well. Thanks for commenting! xx. (: