Friday, September 21, 2012

Hit or Shit?: JULEP MAVEN.

I got my box yesterday, but I get off school around 6PM, therefore my lighting wasn't ideal. So, I waited until this morning to photograph the box and contents.

I got 3 products, and they came in this canvas tote.

I got two nail polishes and a foot cream. I used the polish and was very impressed with the fact that I only needed one coat.

Here's how they turned out:

And here is the foot cream:
 I usually use Avon's Foot Works in Cooling Watermelon on my feet, and I refuse to use anything else. But, I decided I'd give this a try tonight and let ya'll know how it is. I meant to last night, but totally spaced it while I was studying for my Philosophy exam. Anyhow, it smells really nice, it is cucumber mint. And it's a very light foot cream, which I think is awesome. There's nothing worse than a thick, gross, gloopy foot cream. Haha.

Hit or Shit wise for Julep Maven...............

Personally this isn't a "shit" for me, but it is a miss. It's just not something I would pay $20.00 a month for, especially seeing as you only get three products. The foot cream is decent size (2 fl oz) and the nail polishes are really beautiful. I think if anything I would purchase the nail polishes individually. At this point I have already cancelled my membership as to not have to pay full price for the next box. Maybe I'm just not in their demographic. I am thinking about trying a month of MyGlam Bag though. It's only $10.00 a month, and seems like you get a lot more products to try. So, all in all, I love the nail polishes, and I will do a full review about the foot cream. But, I will not be getting another Julep Maven box.

Love, Noralee

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