Sunday, September 2, 2012

Snippets Sunday.

Today I've been working on my altered book project and cleaning up my terrariums.

Studying for philosophy.

ALSO, the really cute cloud pen I'm using was a present from my brother while he was living in Korea.

It's awesome. I still have all the packaging it came in because I loved seeing it all written in Korean.

I really am enjoying my philosophy class. I do wish the text was as interesting as the professor, but it's sadly not.

 I got this "Alien Ooze" crap as like an impulse buy at the register at Target.

Feels like a liquid, but isn't wet.

It was 50 cents, and I do not regret it. Haha. It is entertaining. ;p

Snack time and Matilda time. :)

It's been a good Sunday.

 Tomorrow I'll be going shopping with my friend Sierra and her boyfriend Shelby. I am on the search for a dress for my birthday on Friday.

I hope everyone else is having a really great Sunday as well!

ALSO, Snack Well's are awesome. :)


- Noralee


Victoria Jane. said...

That front cover is amazing!
Love it :3

noralee. said...

Thank you! I did the whole book with buttons and a hot glue gun. :)