Sunday, September 23, 2012

Snippets Sunday.

Last night I got my tattoo touched up. And then got dinner with my bestfriend Jasmine, and planned a Halloween-y movie night sometime soon.
My lunch. :)
I need to make my bed.
I need to study for my first Philosophy exam. It is on Thursday and I'm really nervous.
I really need to clean up my hectic desk/vanity.
ALSO, I still need to name my newest baby rat. Any suggestions?

Thus far I've had a pretty relaxing Sunday. Also, I'm sorry these were all taken with my cellphone because I haven't charged my Sony lately, like an idiot. The first photo of my So it Goes tattoo was taken with my Sony, though. Haha.

Annnnd, instead of cleaning and studying... I am watching the new episodes of Jane by Design.

I got some new Organic Morning Blend coffee. It is amazing! I have it in my September Favorites videos, so you'll see it then. ;p

Love, Noralee


Clara said...

Your tattoo is really cool!
Is the show 'Jane by design' good? I had never heard of it, but I love Andie McDowell.

noralee. said...

Thank you! I actually really LOVE it. But there are only 18 episodes because it got cancelled. :( But, still a very awesome well written 18 episodes! :)

Dose of Glam said...

I love jane by design and I don't think its cancelled. I seen Season 1 & 2.

noralee. said...

Well, the show went on hiatus after the first season, then wrapped up. It says on their wiki page that it was cancelled. But, y'know, maybe that's wrong. I hope it's not! I really love the show. :) Thanks for the comment. xx.