Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekly Nails.

I've seen a couple bloggers who do weekly nails or weekly whatevers. I've recently gotten back into doing my nails and buying polishes. So, bare with the terrible quality. Haha. I think I'll get better again with a little time.

I got this polish at CVS for a dollar, it is "Little Blue Box," by Color Mates. I like this color, but I also really like the consistency to the polish. I mean, it's not China Glaze, Essie, or OPI, but it goes on smoothly and it dries to really soft sheen. Almost as if someone put on a matte nail polish and added a very, very thin layer of gloss top coat.

The cheetah print, which I'm really sad it is chipped in this photo. I should've taken one right after I did them. But, that is a press on nail manicure. I got that also at CVS and I can't remember the brand name but they were like a buck fifty or so for a set of ten. They are pretty good quality for being that cheap, my problem was that I had never put them on myself before, only on other people. I had a little excess which I folded under and forgot to file off, so while I was doing the dishes it got snagged and ripped the top. :( Besides that nail oops, the print has not shifted positions or even creased.

Hit or Shit wise, I'd say that both of these are hits for their price and the redeeming factors they both have in quality.



Clara said...

What a lovely color! Great nail art! :)

noralee. said...

Thank you! :)