Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beauty Guru Spotlight.

I got this idea when I posted my YDK swatches and mentioned Rachel Whitehurst. I think it'd be cool to just do "spotlight" type posts, because I think it's always cool to find someone new to watch on YouTube. I intend to do this monthly. :)

Beauty guru spotlight of this month is totally: GRAV3YARDGIRL on YouTube. :)
 She's sassy.(:

You can subscribe to her on youtube here:

Bunny has one of the most amazing personalities on youtube, I think. She's eccentric and she puts a lot into her videos. Even her tea vlogs where she's not really talking about anything in particular, she's still very entertaining. I trust her reviews too, I think she's pretty spot on and honest.

You can also find her on:


spiderleglashes said...

Yay, Bunny is my favourite YouTuber! :) xo

Erica Sunshine said...

nora. you are literally freaking me out...we have the same exact freaking life!! I just posted my friday favorites and who did i feature on there???

grav3yard girl!

no joke. and i only just saw this post now and i'm like wtf??? we have the same brainnn particles!

Le Fresne said...

I've never heard of her before but I'll definitely have a look at her Youtube channel now :)
le fresne x