Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks: FAQ

I got a bunch of questions about the ELF Eyeshadow sticks, so I wanted to get this little Faa posted before anything else in my queue posts. Also, I am at school, typing from my Kindle Fire so I apologize for any formatting mishaps and grammatical errors.

1. Do you wear primer with them?

Yes. Mark Primed for Perfection is what I’ve been using, which is more a matte primer rather than a liquid-y one. I’ve yet to try it out with my primer potion of ELF primer, but I’m sure it works just as well. I just happen to like my Mark primer because it can be used as an eyeshadow easily. I really hope they come out with a shade similar to Nyx’s Milk because you could use it as a base and probably (depending on your lids) get away with not using primer at all.

2. Creasing?

With primer, my colors stayed 5+ hours before noticeably creasing. I have slightly hooded lids, so there’s an obvious amount of crease just from that. Without primer, I noticed that the lighter shades I own such as Little Miss Thing and French Lace faded out after a while. But, Turkish Coffee and Rock Out didn’t budge.

3. Do they dry up/get flaky?

No. So far, I’ve worn these shades a total of four times since I’ve gotten, even wearing them today at school, not once have they gotten dry or flaky. I have fairly oily lids, which is also why I tend to lean more towards matte primers. So, my biggest advice is primer. Finding a primer that works with your type of lid. If you’ve never tried a primer I think a really good starter one to check out would be ELF’s dollar primer. It’s a dollar and it’ll help you find out what kind of primer will be well off on your lid.

4. Blending ability?

These blend very well. You can blend them with your fingers or a blending brush very easily, and yes, they do layer with each other well. I think these are actually a lighter formula than the Nyx pencils. I forget that I am wearing them, which I think is nice. You can achieve dramatic looks without feeling like your eyelids are heavy of makeup and without using a lot of product. They also hold powder very well. I’ve put a matter brown over the Turkish Coffee color before, and it holds the colors very nicely in a breathable manner that still allows you to blend. These are very versatile.

5. Is there a drying time before you can layer another color?

Since these are a stick, they’re not as creamy or “wet” as you’re probably thinking. So, no, I haven’t found that they need any time to dry before applying another color.

6. Watery outer corner of eyelids?

Dude! I have this problem too. Well, had. Though my lids are still oily and do get watery on the outer and inner corners. I’ve found a solution. Before I do my eye makeup, I take an oil blotting sheet and blot both of my eyes. Then proceed to put on primer, which I’ve found if I alternate between using a more matte primer and my other “wet” primers, it helps my lids out in the oil/watery department. Another trick is to just put extra primer on the spots that you notice losing color/getting more watery. It totally helps, I swear. I know Mark isn’t exactly cheap always, I think my primer was like $38, but I do know Wet n’ Wild had a similar primer that comes in a pot, and so does Nyx. :)

Again, there are 10 different shades of these eyeshadow sticks and they are $2.00 each. They’re definitely worth it. :) If you have any other questions or comments, leave em below in the comments.

Love, Noralee


Mandy said...

Oh my goodness, thanks so much for this! I have tried Nyx before and that's probably where most my questions came from, I will def try the oil blotting sheets before make up, I still have some good primer I hardly ever used and forget about so I'll do that too and pick up some these elf sticks! THANKS!


spiderleglashes said...

Thank you for answering my questions, super helpful post! :) xo

noralee. said...

@Mandy - I hope that helps! Sometimes it's hard for me to judge totally all creasing just because of my hooded eyelids. But, from what I can tell, these have nice staying power.

@spiderleglashes - you're welcome! I'm glad to be of help to ya'll. :)