Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Freebies: Target's Fall Beauty Bag.

Hey guys! Free stuff = Awesome. :)

Okay, so I didn't even know Target had ever done this? But apparently this is their last "beauty bag." A colleague of mine from one of my classes at school stopped me while I was leaving campus this afternoon and asked me if I had reserved a Target Fall Beauty Bag. She knows that I run this blog, and like to check out all kinds of products. I had no idea what it was, seriously. She gave me the low down though, so I thought I'd make a real quick post so you all can try to reserve one too!

Go to Target Styles on Facebook and like the page, here is a link riiiiight.. here.
After that it will ask for your shipping information, all that, and boom, you will get a beauty bag coming your way in 6-8 weeks. I've never done this through Target before so I have no idea how long it'll actually be, but I do know that I heard they are deluxe sample sizes. So, I'm stoked about that.

I have a "mall haul" type post that I've been working on, but some construction issues have happened at my house as of 8AM this morning, so I wasn't able to come home and finish photographing everything like I thought I would be able to.. Buttt, that will be happening! I got some pretty cool stuff. And tomorrow I'm headed to a fair, so there'll be some nice photo moments, I'm sure.

Thanks for reading and thanks for all the comments. Get yourself a Target Beauty Bag!

You all are amazing. :)

Love, Noralee


Erica Sunshine said...

gah! my sister got one of those over the summer! I wish I had known that they were doing another one :( they're so cool.

Erica Sunshine said...

So I actually was able to get one of these bags! Target said they were having tech issues and that they actually still had some left!! So I was able to snatch one yesterday :)
woot! thanks for letting me know about it :)