Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Favorites. :)

These gorgeous vintage phones. It makes me wish I still had a landline. [photo cred]

  Probably one of the wayyyy better "ombre" nails tutorials I've found. 

 These Steve Madden flats.. Ugh.. I want them.

 Her hair color. (: I've been a brunette all of four days and I already miss my red hair so bad.

I love this eye look. Check her other looks out at 

I found this on Tumblr and I thought it was a really cute idea.
I got this little plate type thing of Apollo at Goodwill, and plan to use it during my Philosophy presentation. I actually really like it, and plan to hang it in my room when I'm done with it. It's one a brown leather cord, and is extremely heavy.

I have a Thrifted Thursday post that will be up probably tomorrow, this whole construction thing and then going to the State Fair really messed with my posting schedule and stuff. Anyhow, I got some neat stuff, so be ready for that. :)

Love, Noralee


Vicky Hoang said...

Her hair is gorgeous! I want ombre hair but my parents will kill me haha

Le Fresne said...

Those phones are amazing, I don't see why ordinary household objects can't be pretty :)

le fresne x

spiderleglashes said...

Lovely post, so many pretty pictures! I would LOVE to have her hair. xo

Higley. said...

What a great selection of phones!
And a totoro, awesome.