Thursday, October 4, 2012

Good days, good nights.

Hi everyone!

 Here is a stop motion from my Monday. :) Sorry this post is so dang late, but there was some construction stuff going on at my place and stuff like that.

I had a pretty good Monday. I don't have classes on Mondays, so I went out with my friend Robert, then picked up our friend Keren later, and eventually switched cars to ride around with our friend Garrett.

Robert and I hit up the dollar store first.

He got this gun, Star Wars hand sanitizer, and a batman towel. Haha. :)

I got some googly eye sunglasses, batteries for my video camera, and a princess Belle towel.

We got lunch together,

then hit up the park at the lake.


Anyhow, then we picked up some people, ran into some people, went some stores, and eventually ended up at the mall. Which was pretty empty since it was a Monday night. Haha.

 I bought this book.

I stocked up on the Cinnamon incense at Earthbound. I like all of their incense, but recently I tried the cinnamon and fell in love with the way it made my room smell. It's like getting like fifty autumn scented candles and lighting all of them at once. It is so great. :)

 I got this Kudi shirt from HT.

Keren and I went to Claire's while Garrett was filing out an application to GameStop with Robert.
Annnnd, I got these Katy Perry eyelashes and these nails. :) I'll review the lashes if anyone is interested? I've been wanting to try them out for awhile. 

Anyhow, that's what I got. :) I also recently went to the TX State Fair, so I might do a post on that. I also have a review on a natural soap line coming soon.

Love, Noralee


Le Fresne said...

Looks like you had a day, some fab purchases!
That book is on my Amazon wishlist, let me know if it's worth buying :)

le fresne x

noralee. said...

I'll definitely let you know! I've heard that it's really good, so I'm excited for it. :) xx.

Clara said...

That's a great stop motion video! It looks like you had a lot of fun! =)

spiderleglashes said...

Have you started reading this book yet? Would love to know what you think when you do! xo