Monday, October 22, 2012

Snippets Sunday! *late

Late! I can't even with myself! I totally had this all ready, I just had to insert the photos, and I totally spaced it. I've been doing that a lot lately. School is going by so quickly.

I've  been working on homework and watching Rules of Engagement all day. (multitasking :p)

I got a text around 8PM. My friend Erik came and picked me up. :)

Here's what I wore to dinner with him:
vest - goodwill
belt - goodwill
tights - ross
boots - goodwill
dress - target

And, I took this polaroid of him: 
If you'd like to see other polaroid and film photos of mine, you can find them, here.

Anyway, besides that, I found this necklace on eBay.. and I want it so dang bad.. I can't even. 
  I was going to get it.. but, instead... I am purchasing a pair of Creepers. No lie. 

Anyhow, I know that's a short Snippets Sunday, but literally all I did all day was read and study ):

I hope everyone's had an amazing weekend!

Love, Noralee


Maxine Whitney said...

aaaah those boots are so cute! xx

noralee. said...

thank you! x.