Sunday, October 14, 2012

Snippets Sunday.

Last night Jasmine came over, and we rang in her birthday at 12:00AM.

This is the cake I made her. :)

And here's the video:

Then today I went to CVS looking for something helpful for my hair.
  I got this Dr. Miracle's Deep Condition Treatment. It was a dollar, and I hope it helps. If you've tried it, tell me down below in the comments. :)

And this Garnier Fructis flat iron perfector. I was looking for the tresemme heat protector and couldn't find it. But, this was there and only like three bucks, so I decided to try it.

 And these nail polishes. :)

LA Colors: Atomic and Jewel Tone
Sally Hansen: No Hard Feelings and Limestone.

Besides that stuff, I've been working on my literary analysis on Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone for my Lit. Forms class. :)

How was your Sunday?  

Love, Noralee

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Annie said...

haha! that cake looks awesome - never too old to enjoy little mermaid related stuff!