Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Swatches: ELF Jumbo Eyeshadow Sticks

 These are from ELF's new products. They are $2.00 and come in ten shades.
From the right these are: French Lace, Rock Out, Little Miss Thing, and Turkish Coffee.
 Little Miss Thing is on the left, below that Rock Out.
Turkish Coffee on the right, below that French Lace.
Honestly, I really love these. They are ridiculously pigmented, have nice staying power, and blend WELL. I really like wearing French Lace as a base (because they do not have a white like Nyx's Milk yet, which sucks, but hopefully they'll get one!), and then Little Miss Thing over the lid, and Turkish Coffee in my crease, outer v, and lower lash line. I'll try to post a photo of this sometime soon so ya'll can see how that looks. I think they look great together. :)

These are totally a steal at $2.00, seriously! Check them out before the colors start going out of stock!

Love, Noralee


Mandy said...

Lovely! I have trouble with cream eyeshadows sometimes, do these dry up and get flaky and how well does one apply over another? Is there any drying time in between layering colors? Sometimes the outer corner of my eyes get sensitive and watery and cream shadows don't apply well there, any take on how these will work with that? Haha sorry for all the questions, I'm just VERY interested in these!


spiderleglashes said...

These are gorgeous colours. Do you wear a primer with them or find them to crease? xo

Sarah Mellor said...

That is ridiculously awesome. I've never seen eyeshadow in a stick. No more breaking the powder!

Mackenzie M. said...

wow those look awesome! I have yet to try some cream eyeshadows since I'm afraid they're going to crease like crazy on me. But these are so pigmented and look quite smooth

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