Sunday, October 7, 2012

Things to come:

Hey ya'll. :)

I've gotten things fixed up around the house, so I'll probably be posting a hugeeee collective haul of all the things I've been hinting at in posts lately. ;p It'll be rad and fun.

Tomorrow I'm cramming for a Lit test, so my Snippets Sunday might be frumpy and wired with caffeine. Haha. :) Speaking of school, I'm doing a project for my Humanities class on sexual assault and if ya'll could take this short (seriously 10 quick questions) survey, it'd mean a lot to me. Did I mention it is completely anonymous? YEP! And the link can be found, here.

I recently ordered some from the new line from ELF, so stoked about that stuff! If you haven't seen their new products, you should, here. And if you don't know about ELF, they're an amazing make up company with great prices. :)

ALSO! I have most of the product reviews I mentioned written and in a queue now, so I hope you all enjoy those as they post.

I love all of you and can't thank you enough for reading my blog. :)

Love, Noralee

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