Monday, October 29, 2012

Thrift Haul. :)

 My total was $10.55 :)
 Oversized Speed Racer shirt that I'm probably going to turn into a tank top.
 I really love sharks, so I though this was a cute tank top that I needed in my life.
 I got these jeans in the mens department. And I already made them into highwaisted cut offs. :)
 Phantom of the Opera shirt! :) I'm undecided what I'm going to do with this top.. either cut the neck out or make it a tank top.. so unsure. But, either way, it'll be awesome. :)
And this black notebook, which was still sealed when I got it. And this brown clutch, which I am in love with already.

I also got a Green Day shirt (you can see it folded under the black notebook in the first photo,) but it's for a friend of mine, and I've already sent the package off in the mail with it. :)

I have a bunch of reviews and swatches to be posting soon, plus my October Favorites.. Midterms are finally over so I can get back fully into the swing of blogging. I seriously am dreading finals week, man, but maybe I'll make a queue up for that week if I can get myself to think that far ahead. I love you guys! :)

What are some cool thrift finds you've gotten lately?

Love, Noralee

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outofashion said...

Ouh! Love the pieces you found! I've been dying to go thrifting, just havent had the time :(