Monday, November 12, 2012

non-beauty related post, #2

I swear normal posting will resume once I take my last midterm this week. College is stressful this time of the year. Maybe I'll do a college-y post about how I get prepared for midterms or something to that effect. Hahah.

The other night I went to dinner with my friend Erik at Waffle House like always. We were doodling on the napkins while we waited for our food, when Erik popped his head up and said, "you want to paint?" I didn't quite comprehend, so he further went on to say, "like.. you and I? collaborate. let's paint together. seriously." So, after we got our food, ate, talked, we stopped by my place, I grabbed my tackle box of art supplies, and my ukulele for good tune-age, and we went over to his place.

Here are the photos:

and here is what we created.

Erik did the background with oil paint and watercolor.
And I did the female body.. I based it off another drawing I'd done in one of my sketchbooks. It is green paint, and then charcoal built up a pretty ridiculous amount. It turned out pretty awesome, I think.

Anddd, below are a few photos of Erik & I:
 Mr. Erik-pants. ;p
 annnd, my dirty charcoal hands. ;p

Love, Noralee

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