Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Non-beauty christmas list!

1. TUK white creepers
2. Floral leggings
3. Instax wide film.
4. This super cute owl flash drive!
5. "Fear the nobodies," shirt.
6. Paper Towns by John Gree
7. Alice Madness Returns for the xbox360
8. Battery pack for my sony. :)

What are some of your non-beauty items on your christmas list!? :)

Love, Noralee


spiderleglashes said...

Love the creepers and little owl flashdrive, aw. :) xo

Erica Sunshine said...

i want that alice game so badly!! if you get it let me know how it is :)

noralee. said...

@spiderleglashes - thanks, I have black creepers.. I think white ones would be great for spring and summer. :)

@Erica -I've wanted it 4evr! So, if Santa doesn't deliver, I'll just cave and buy it myself, haha. I 'll let you know, of course. :)