Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snippets Sunday #7

On Friday night I had a gift exchange with my closest friends, Stephen, Erik, Manuel, & Ivan. :)

I made a stop motion, so here's that:

And the silly photos we took in stephen's apartment if you don't want to watch all the to the end in the stop motion or watch it at all:

Stephen & I. :)

These boys. :)
Erik, Stephen, Manuel, & Ivan.
E, S, N, M, I

 I really don't know why they took of their shirts.

I just don't question their lives anymore, I guess. Hahah. :)
Christmasssss. :)

 Stephen got me the new book on Kurt Vonnegut that has all of his letters and old photos in it. I'm beyond stoked about that.
I adore these guys. :)
I really couldn't ask for better friends. They're all equally important to me. I've known all of them since the start. I've been friends with them since I moved here four years ago, and they're honestly the few people I've really kept in contact with and kept being friends with since graduation. I love these guys to bits, seriously.

I'm headed to an "ugly christmas sweater" themed party tonight. So, I'll try to include some photos of that in my Christmas post or some other random post. It'll be super fun. I've been documenting christmas around our house all month, so I'll have a nice collective christmas stop motion to do after actual Christmas Day is over and done with. :)

Happy Sunday! :)

Love, Noralee

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spiderleglashes said...

Aw, your friends look lovely! Looking forward to the ugly sweater photos! Haha. xo