Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hey ya'll. I feel terrible that I never got to give anyone notice, but that's because I didn't get any either!

The cooling fan on my laptop broke a week or two after Christmastime. And it was a long while of debating on getting a new laptop or waiting to get a new laptop and just getting a cooling fan.. I ended up trying to work with it, but it really made it impossible to get anything done on here. I couldn't upload my photos because it'd overheat, and I couldn't make videos or stop motions because even if I got the footage, my computer couldn't be on long enough to import. It was seriously frustrating.

I finally bit the bullet, went through my budget, and found myself an affordable cooling fan. I got it yesterday and it works PERFECTLY.

I think I'm going to film a huge collective haul from all this time away tomorrow since I'm off school on Mondays. So, look for that! And I also have a VoxBox post coming ya'lls way once all my photos import.

Thank you to everyone who continued following me. :)
Ya'll's patience is definitely awesome.

Love, Noralee


Steph Lau said...

hi there! Technology sucks when it doesnt work. Welcome back. :)

noralee. said...

Thank you, Steph! :)