Friday, April 12, 2013

an update full of I'm Sorry's.


I'm just going to be honest, I've gotten a lot of messages from people via tumblr and from here about where I've been.. and the truth is this was the hardest semester of college I've ever had to go through.

A lot of you who have been following me here or Tumblr know that my Grandma lives with me and she's been sick for a few years. This semester we had to put her in a nursing home, and it really took a toll on my household, and my schoolwork. I was playing catch-up constantly for months. And then finally I got some good news about my scholar work I've done on rape culture. I was asked to be a speaker in Washington DC two weeks ago. The week before I went though, there was a death in my life. One of my best friends, mentor, and ex teacher, passed away at a young age and very suddenly. I went to his funeral that Sunday, then Tuesday I left for DC. It was bittersweet, honestly.

I've also been playing a lot of shows and working on stuff for an album.
photo credit to Olivia Themudo
  I've been stressed with this biology class I'm currently in, and the fact that I also need to find a job. It's just been a very dang stressful semester. It's almost over though, and I'm not taking summer classes, so, hayyyyy. ;p

I just want to thank everyone who has continued following this blog from the bottom of my heart. There will be new content coming ya'll's way. I've queued some beauty reviews, and some thrifting posts, already. And once this month is over, and finals week is over, I will get back into a regular swing again, I pinky promise.

Here's a stop motion video I made of my travels in Washington, DC, I hope ya'll enjoy it:

Love, Noralee

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