Saturday, April 13, 2013

Current Playlist: March.

Our Lady.
Not Half Bad.

Gospel & the wolf.

Two Knights.
Atomic TanLines.
  1. Brave by Our Lady. 

    A punk band from Illinois. I met them in January when they came through Fort Worth. You can locate this song here:

  2. To Mom, Cathy & the Impending Argument by Not Half Bad

    A taco influenced punk band that I became friends with a few semesters ago in college. This is off their new album Good People, which you should check out:

  3. 6 Signs You've Made it to the Middle Class/Song Bomb by spacebeach.
    My friend Torry Finley's band. They're based in Fort Worth, totally stoner rock to the max. You can listen to this here:
  4. Never Get to Know by Paul Baribeau

    I first heard this song as someone else covering it. A guy I met at an open mic named Dogi covered it on guitar and I fell in love. I went home & listened to the original, and fell even more in love if that's possible.

  5. Moving Mountains by Gospel and the Wolf.

    I met Rey of Gospel and the Wolf a few months ago when he was touring and came through Fort Worth. He's a kickass folk singer from Austin, TX. You can listen to this song here:

  6. A Little Bit on your Mind by Sam Hart.

    I found this song over the summer, but I recently fell back in love with it. Sam Hart has a beautiful voice and this song gives me a lot of feels:
  7. Seattle by Jeffrey Lewis
    My best friend, Erik, showed me this song a few months ago. I love Jeffrey Lewis' voice and how simple his songs are:

  8. Bangarang! by Two Knights.

    This was the first local band I ever saw. I love them and I love this song: 

  9. Let Me Down Easy by Warren Franklin.

    I LOVE WARREN FRANKLIN. He has a beautiful easily melodic voice, and I'm bummed that I've never gotten to see him live before. Ugh.

  10. Comatose by Atomic TanLines.

    I saw them live for the first time last night in Denton and it was literally one of the best shows I've been to.. they are garage as fuck. TXFILTH HERE:

I hope ya'll found something you like here!

Love, Noralee

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