Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Favorites #1

Hey ya'll! Happy Friday. (:

Here's just a collection of things I've found online this week that I love. :)
I really hope this becomes a bumper sticker.
Made by Tumblr user: tizia
I really want this.
by, perks of aurora

This video by Mike Falzone!

Barcode pianist by Rodrigo Ferreira
Annnnd, oh my goodness, this home decor photo I saw on My two bestfriends are straight males, but they both are really into home decor. It's awesome. Yesterday Erik and I were driving around the really nice neighborhoods in Fort Worth pointing out things we liked about each house. 

I've also been kind of lustfully looking at a lot of reviews on Benefit's eye cream.
photo credit: neonchipmunkmakeup

Love, Noralee.

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