Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hit or Shit: Rimmel Clean Finish Liquid Foundation.

Full price this foundation is under five dollars, sorry I can't recall full price nor find it online, but I know for sure it was under five. I snagged it at Target with a red tag, clearanced to about $1.70.

I was honestly so completely stoked about this foundation for a week or so, because it was the first time I'd gotten a shade that completely matched my skin tone, and half the time I could go without concealer because it was brightening and FULL COVERAGE AS FUCK!

I LOVED this foundation... Until, it started breaking me out. Which is seriously strange for me and my skin type. I don't have sensitive skin, if I did, I seriously wouldn't have a face for the kind of shit I put my skin through sometimes, haha! But I started getting these monstrously huge breakouts ALL over my face. I also was getting patches of redness on my nose and cheeks. It was crazy, my skin has never reacted to any product like this before. So, I stopped wearing this foundation for a week and switched back over to my beloved Loreal Magic Souffle, and within a day the redness was gone, and I never got new breakouts since switching off the Rimmel foundation.
 This foundation is "clean" feeling and it will keep the oil under control, but for me personally and my skin, this is a huge SHIT. Honestly, if you have sensitive skin, I definitely wouldn't tell you try this, your skin might fall off or something, and that would totally be lame. So, not saying this is a bad product, because obviously I said like three times that I loved it, but my skin did not, which is why this sucks.

I'm mad that I have a whole bottle of this sitting in my makeup collection now, man. :(

Anybody else have any bad experiences with Rimmel? This was my first time branching out to face products from them, previously I've only used their mascaras and lipsticks, which I love.

Love, Noralee


Christine B. said...

My friend keeps raving about this foundation but I have super sensitive skin so thank you for the warning! I find Rimmel's mascaras very irritating :(

noralee. said...

I don't know if it was just my skin or maybe I got a bad product. I've seen a lot of people say it's amazing which is why I wanted to try it out. It looked wonderful and felt good, but dang did it wreck my skin. :(