Monday, April 29, 2013

LATE POST: Friday Favorites #2 + Snippets Sunday #10

HEY YA'LL. This is just a late as poop Snippets Sunday/Friday Favorites post. I've been busy all dang weekend what with studying and going to shows. But, I did want to make this post just cos I know I'll be busy this week and next week with finals. Today is really my only day to chill out and queue up some posts.

So here's a few things that would've been in my Friday Favorites this week:

This Vogue photoshoot of Florence Welch's house.
The fact that AD is coming back soon.
this Turtle Cookies recipe from
Definitely going to attempt making these someday.

This Recess cosplay of Spinelli from tumblr user: kencamara
THESE NAILS. I found this on Tumblr and when I looked at the source I was pretty sure it'd been tampered with.. so sorry I don't have a source on this. But, seriously, these nails are magical looking. UGH.

AND, I'll throw all my Snippets Sunday story time stuff under the cut, soooo...

I finally saw Django on Sunday. 

I did Erik's laundry for him on Friday. ;p
Listened to this man play on Berry St. at like one in the morning on Saturday after a 1919 show.
HAHA. The face I sent my friend Chic on Sunday night when he was talking shit about the New York Yankees. :) Hahahahah. I can't even.
And this is the kind of relaxation I am up to now after my long weekend. Happy Monday is happy. haha.

Saturday night after a show at 1919, my friend Ali's car got towed. It was a super shitty situation. Then Sunday night I saw Django at a friends house and hung out til 5AM. So, I am literally exhausted. I slept most of my Monday away because I know getting up for classes tomorrow is going to suck.

Anyhow, sorrynotsorry for late posting, have an awesome day, ya'll.

Love, Noralee

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