Sunday, April 14, 2013

Snippets Sunday #8

Hey ya'll. Today was a really chill Sunday, honestly. I've decided to remodel my room, so I started on that this morning. My parents went to Thrift Town, and my Mother picked me up some coupons and the unicorn book in the first photo. :)

I've been stressed out with school that I never fully unpacked from the pca/aca. So I finally did that today. I love the canvas totes they gave us. They're super nifty and durable.

I had a crap ton of biology studying to do and it was hard to focus. But, I know it's worth it, in the end. My parents rented two movies, so I took a hefty break to watch those with them. We watched Hitchcock and Life of Pi.

I finished my Sunday drinking a mug of tea with my Mother and eating some apples with homemade dip, compliments to the chef! (Thanx Mommy! xx)

I'm currently doing last minute work on an essay I thought was due next week, but is actually due tomorrow night. Soooo, awesome. I'm hoping to finish it up for the most part tonight so that I can do an organization post tomorrow or something like that.. if not, I have a hit or shit product review in the queue.

I hope ya'll had an amazing Sunday!

Love, Noralee

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