Monday, April 22, 2013

Snippets Sunday #9

Hey ya'll. Happy Sunday. :) This is super late because of how crazy my Friday and Saturday were, haha. So, here's a story:

Friday night: Erik and Ali called me telling me about a house show in Denton. Honestly the first thing I thought of was Dave's. But then I get the invite on Facebook and it's totally definitely not there, so I am skeptical as hell about it. Anyhow, they tell me they're already on their way, so I should call Torry because he hadn't left yet. I call Torry, he's stoked to have someone make the drive with him. He picks me up around 10, and his band The Nitch Pickens were on the set list to play around 11pm or 11:30pm. Denton is like a 30 minute drive, depending on traffic. The problem we had was that Torry and I are BOTH THE WORST WITH DIRECTIONS. So, we take the wrong exit because Torry is gungho set on the fact that it must be a different exit since it's not at Dave's house. He calls a few people once we've drifted through like five neighborhoods not resembling the makings of a house show in sight. No one can give him decent directions until one person mentions it's the same exit you take for Dave's. Sooooo, long "we're lost" story short, we get back on the highway, take the right exit. We're literally a block away, it is 11 on the dot pm, when I get a phone call from Ali. I answer and she says, "wherever you are, don't come to the house yet, it just got busted by the police." I tell Torry, we make a right, park the car, and Torry gets on the phone with Chris (the host). Torry basically just gives him advice on how to handle the cop, and literally five minutes later the cop was gone. Only issue was, no more music. So, the Nitch Pickens and Cat People and another band I can't remember the name of, all didn't get to play the show. It was bummer. But, we went for food, and talked a lot. Torry dropped me off at my place around 5AM.

Saturday night: Granted I was still sleepy from the previous night, I woke up around 1 in the afternoon. Erik got to my house at about 6pm to pick me up because we were on schedule to work the 420 show at 1919. We walked around the Fort Worth Arts Festival for a little while waiting for Stephen to get off work. Then finally made it over to 1919. Fiending Flesh, Mountains of Smoke, Collick, Bitch Teeth, Spacebeach, & Elesh Norn, all played. It was a really good show. I had a pretty bad headache by the end though. Then there was an after party at pizzahaus next door. It was a hip hop show. DarkCloud went on first, which I'm really glad Torry gave that kid the opportunity. He flows so fucking clean, I swear. Then there was supposed to be some other artists, but we ended up having to cut the night short just cos residents and tech difficulties. But anyhow, last people to go on were Black Problems. And damn, when I say they tore it up, they seriously tore that shit up. It was amazing. I love those guys. Anyhow, I got home around 5:45AM. And I slept all of my Sunday away, haha.

I think I've posted this before, but I made a music video for Black Problems. But, here's the link if you missed it:

How was ya'lls weekend? :)

Love, Noralee


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