Tuesday, April 30, 2013

YouTuber/Blogger of the Month: APRIL.

Hey ya'll. :)

My favorite YouTuber of the month would probably have to be... Abby!

Probably one of my favorite videos of her beauty wise is one she did on how to do make up when you wear glasses. I thought that was seriously an awesome concept. I also love how self aware she is, and how politically aware she is for that matter. She's quite intelligent, and beautiful. SHE ALSO HAS PERFECT TASTE IN MUSIC, SERIOUSLY. I CAN'T EVEN. Anyhow, I've been watching her for a long while now, but I just feel like she was on point this whole month, therefore my favorite of the month.

I do have a favorite blogger this month as well, and that is Morgan of Teenage Enthusiasm. 

I like this blog because it is exactly what I'd call "traditional blogging." As in you can tell the effort and love she puts into all of her posts. She is consist, and always has a good sense of her audience and material. I literally envy her consistency. I get caught up in all the other stuff I'm doing that sometimes I neglect other projects I've started. Ever since my tumblr hit 16,000 followers earlier this year it's been hard for me to focus on what I need to do with other things that are equally as important for me. So, I really admire and applaud her focus and consistency. I can always count on a post on Teenage Enthusiasm in my inbox, and that is an awesome thing to look forward to all the time. I really admire Morgan's voice in how she writes, it is adorable, and awesome. I think her blog is really universal, anyone can find something to like in it, so heyyyyy. (:

I hope ya'll take the time to check out these two ladies. They kickass. 

Love, Noralee

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