Saturday, May 18, 2013


Hey ya'll. This isn't going to be a traditional "Friday Favorites," but since my Friday was amazing I thought I'd share it with ya'll.

I go to a shit storm amount of shows, being that I also volunteer at a venue, so I thought it'd be kind of cool to do a small mini-series of do's and don'ts about concerts/shows. Yesterday, Friday, I went to a festival, which is completely different than just a venue show. A festival typically has 4 - 6 stages. This one had 5, I believe, though I only frequented 2 of them myself.

My Dad's work gave our family free tickets to the Wildflower Festival, which is near Plano, TX. We decided to go Friday as a Mother's Day present for my Mom because her favorite singer was going to be there: Uncle Kracker.

Some tips I have when you're going to a FESTIVAL are:

1. Depending on where you live, dress accordingly.. like in Texas it was 100+ degrees, so I wore a light circle skirt, with a deep v loose shirt tucked into it, and my jean vest (for extra pockets). I also took one of my lighter crossbody bags. Even though I dressed light it was STILL super hot. So, take the weather into account before you just go onto the fest.

2. Check online for restrictions, such as at this fest you couldn't bring DSLR cameras, or any kind of camera with an attachable lens. You also couldn't bring outside food in, which is a general consensus for all festivals I've been to. And you could only bring up to a liter of water in with your group. They post this stuff for a reason, so be prepared for what you can and cannot bring as best you can.

3. This is probably the best tip, be nice to the people at the gate who take your tickets. Seriously. Be nice to anyone you see in a staff shirt. They're all there dealing with drunk people for probably 3+ days. Don't be a jerk.

4. GET A MAP. Every festival I've ever been to has had at the front people passing out maps, don't just pass it up. Take one! You'll need it! Actually, at a lot of festivals there's a lot of booths and people trying to sell things, but if they hand you something for free, take it. A lot of that stuff comes in handy. At the one last night there was a State Farm booth handing out paper fans... and damn, did I sure need that later.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed this post! I'm going to work on how I want to break up this concert series, but I think I'll do tips for venue shows, bar shows, and house shows. Then maybe some getting ready for shows posts with fotd & ootd.

Love, Noralee

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