Sunday, May 19, 2013

Snippets Sunday #12

Hey ya'll! Happy Sunday. Today has been super chill.. like I mentioned a few posts back I'm on summer vacation right now, and it's so great. Haha. Which also means I have gotten really caught up on posts and what's going on with my blog. So, I feel awesome about that. I went to a house show last night, and took a few photos to use for when I decide to make a House Show Etiquette post for the concert mini series.

Other than all that! Today went a little like this:

I dyed the under part of my little sister's hair dark brown.
I watched The Craft for like the third time in a row, haha. You know how when you put something in your DVD player, and you just never take it out cos you're too lazy, so you just keep watching it? That's what's going on with me right now. Haha
this gif is from tumblr, I have no idea who made it. Sorry!
ALSO, I cleaned my room a week or two ago, and so today I worked on trying to film a Room Tour finally. So, hopefully I'll finish that up and have it post sometime this week. (:
And, here's what I looked like today. :) The green dress is from Target, and the jean vest was thrifted a year or two ago.

I hope ya'll are having an amazing weekend and a relaxing Sunday! (:

Love, Noralee

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Meredith Crawley said...

No matter how many times you watched The Craft, it is still a great movie! I love your blog!