Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Top 10 Spring Lip Products.

Hey ya'll!

This is a smidge late, but Spring is upon us...sort of. I mean, in Texas it's already basically summer weather, which sucks. And I know that a lot of other places are still feeling winter weather. But, regardless, it is essentially Spring season.

So, these are my favorite lip products for the Spring time. I probably won't do a Summer one, because they're essentially the same, minus one or two of them.

I have five chapstick like products:

ELF Hydrating/Conditioning pot in Nice & Natural
TokyoMilk in Salted Caramel.
 The ELF pot is actually fairly pigmented, meaning you'll get a very faint "nude lips" look when you apply this. If I'm wearing a nude lip during the day and since I live in TX and have to worry about heat, if I don't want the lipstick I used to melt in my purse, I generally just throw this little pot into my bag. It really does work with touching up nude lips, and it's amazing on it's own.

The ToyoMilk tin is something I picked up from Sephora at the counter as an impulse buy and then fell in love with it. Zero color. Great taste. And probably the most hydrating thing in my whole fucking collection, seriously. I keep this thing by my bed or in my purse at all times.
Baby Lips in Pink Punch. Blistex Fruit Smoothies in Berry Explosion and Melon Medley
 Baby Lips is an on and off product for me. Sometimes I use it all the dang time, and other times I can't stand it and it just sits in the bottomless lip drawer in my collection. Lately I've been using it, which is obviously why I decided to put it in this post. I think Baby Lips is a good product for people who aren't into lip stick, because it's not heavy like a lipstick and it's not super pigmented. The Pink Punch one would be great for Spring also. :)

Blistex chapstick is just fucking perfect. That's all I got to say about this. These things are ridiculously hydrating, but also make your lips SOFT like velvet or some shit. It is awesome. Seriously. Just go buy some Blistex stuff and have yourself a little revelation.

 Moving onto favorite Springtime lipsticks:

From left to right:  NO7 in 80 Sienna, Sonia Kashuk in 80 Soft Nude, Wetn'Wild in 903C Just Peachy, Avon in U302 Sparkling Peach, Revlon in 027 Violet Frenzy.

NO7: I love this shade because it's perfect for my skin color. I guess I have kind of an olive skin tone because my family is Native American. But I'd say this is a coral on the more orange side than anything, and it's not for everyone, but it's worth a try. I picked it up at Target when they were clearancing all the NO7 stuff out. I think I got it for like 2 bucks. Hell yeah.

Sonia Kashuk: THIS IS MY PERFECT NUDE. This is honestly my favorite lipstick I've ever gotten and I just.. I just love it so much that I want to do a whole post about it. I can't even.

Wetn'Wild: These lipsticks are a dollar something after tax, and most of them are pretty matte. This one is completely matte on the lips, even though in the swatch it's not looking "matte" like, sorry about that. This is a really pretty classic pink that I think would be flattering on any skin tone. PLUS, so cheap!

Avon: One thing first, my Mom has been selling Avon for almost 21 years, so I have a crapshoot ton of Avon products. I've seen a lot of people bash Avon or say they're overpriced or whatever qualm they have with the brand. I don't care, because honestly they're a lot cheaper than a lot of shit at Sephora. With that being said, nah, I do not pay full price for anything I have Avon related, if I pay at all. I do think they're a quality brand though. Anyhow, this lipstick is one of the truest "peach" lipsticks I've ever had. A lot of lipsticks claim to be peach but end up just being a pink color. EXCUSE ME HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A PEACH?

Revlon: I say if you're going to keep wearing darker shades into the Spring, this is how it's done. This is a duo chrome kind of finish purple. So, it gives the appearance of multi colors and also ends up looking shiny and light like a lipgloss. It's one of my favorite purple lipsticks for the warmer months, honestly. Plus, Revlon is just on point with their lipsticks. I've only ever gotten one that I didn't like.

I hope ya'll enjoyed this post and have an awesome day!

Love, Noralee

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