Friday, June 28, 2013


Hey ya'll :)

I've made these "five things" post for most seasons already, but I thought it'd be kind of cool to do this "summer edition" with a bit of a twist.


1. READING! I've been keeping track of all the books I've been reading in a draft on here, with mini reviews as well. I'll post it once the summer is up.

2. Hanging out with my friends every chance I get. :)

3. Stressing over what I'm going to take in the Fall. I know that's a really nerdy thing to say, but ugh, I am. I've been constructing my "preferred list" for a few months now. ugh.

4. Working shows at 1919. I will say the best one this month was the Pity Sex//The World is...//Cat People//Two Knights//Dads show. It kicked ass.

5. ALSO, playing shows!
ME! (Olivia took this awesome photo)

And here's where the twist comes in!


1. How much more relaxed I was! I don't know why, but this summer has been a huge stressful ball of fucking stress. I guess this comes along with growing up and having more responsibilities.

2. The fact that I wasn't completely broke. (Yeah, little known fact to my internet frandz, but I am completely and utterly so broke. I am lucky I still live with my parents.)

3. My brother coming to visit! That made last Summer amazing, and I'm sad he's not coming this summer.

4. How much I got together with my old friends from high school. So far we haven't planned a get together this summer, which kinda sucks. I've seen some of them separately, but I hope we all get together sometime before this summer is over..

5. ALSO, my hair. Early on in summer I had this pink dip dye hair, before I did the blonde stuff in the photo above. I don't miss my undercut, but I miss this coloring:

It'd be cool if some of ya'll did this post too, if you do you should totally tell me! I'd love to read each of your five things.

Love, Noralee


Apurva said...

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Olivia Miller said...

Aw I love your blog, so happy I have come across it! I play gigs also and you've inspired me to do a similar post to this! Good luck with the gigging x