Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Favorite Youtuber/Blogger: MAY.

Hey ya'll, this is a smidge late, but oh well!

My favorite YouTuber this month is:

She is hilarious and an amazing make up artist. I've been watching her since the beginning and I haven't grown tired or bored of her channel. I feel like it's gotten a lot better since december when she got a new camera, which is superb.

OKAY, and my other favorite as of late is also a YouTuber, and that is.. 


This guy.. man.. His videos seem to just always find me at the perfect times in my life. He's insightful and funny in the perfect balance. I really love his ideas and the way he conveys them. PLUS, look at him, he's perfect. 

Check out all his links and stuff:

Anyhow, sorry this was late, I was on a mini vacation and for some reason I queued my posts wrong..cos I rock the ass at the internet lately.

Love, Noralee

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