Sunday, June 16, 2013

Snippets Sunday #14

Hey yall. :)

First thing I'd like to say is, HAPPY FATHERS DAY to my awesome, amazing, wonderful, dad, Tom.
I love you.

Last night I went to a ska show at the venue I work at. It was pretty kickass, truthfully. These are the bands that played, ya'll should totally check them out cos they're all local to the DFW:

The Buzzkills (this was the only punk band on the show, they're friends of mine, and have really grown as musicians in the past couple months. I'm super proud, so check out their stuff, pls.)

I'm Clark Kent.

I'm Clark Kent

 (totally a ska band, if you couldn't tell by the name, haha. I met their drummer Nick awhile back.. he was just this goofy kid who always came out to the Not Half Bad shows.

Finally one day I sat down and really talked to him and found out he was in a ska band and they hadn't played a ton of I was stoked when they got on this show. Unfortunately they don't have a Facebook.. whenever they do I'll definitely let ya'll know. They're all 16-17 year olds from Aledo, TX.. and they're adorable.. I'll insert a photo. ALSO, last night they covered a Brand New song and it was awesome.)

The Wife and Kids. (these fuckers are something else.. seriously. I'm not a huge listener of ska music, truthfully. Not for any bad reasoning or anything, just for the simple fact that I haven't listened to a lot of ska music. But, I actually dug these guys, even though they were dorky and cheesy.. it was still pretty cool. Sooo, check em outttt.)


Sierra Kenzie said...

Hope you had an amazing day with your dad! :)
I enjoyed this post I'm now following you :) Can't wait to read more in the future!
-B ♡

Maho said...

Every girl loves her dad as he is something like solid as a rock :)
Hope you enjoyed your day with your father!
Nice blog btw.

♥ Maho