Saturday, July 27, 2013


Heyhey. I won't try to lie, I've been busy and lazy, which is kinda counterproductive in the worst way when you realllllly think about it.

But, I've been sick for the past day or two, so I've been trying to slow down and chill the fuck out.

Here is a compiled list of awesome movies ya'll should be watching. A lot of these are on Netflix because I figure that to be a more simple access sort of use, however not all of them are - plus Netflix is always taking things off like IT'S NOTHINGGGGGGGGGGGGG. :(

1. REMEMBER THE DAZE: if you like cliche teenage druggie movies, this one is superb. But, bare in mind this movie has like zero plot line, which may be annoying to some people. For me it just gives me a boat load of nostalgia.*THIS WAS ON NETFLIX WHEN I FIRST WROTE THIS POST, BUT IT SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN TAKEN DOWN NOW :(

2. SCREAM: Netflix currently (July 27) has all four Scream movies available on instant. I've watched all of them more times than necessary, honestly. They're like my go to movie when I can't sleep. If you'd like to take a moment an go down horror memory lane to 96 when scary movies still kinda didn't suck.. then, hey, they're all there waiting for you.

3. AVENGERS: Netflix currently (July 27) has this film available on instant. It's been on for about two months, so I assume it'll be on for another few.. so you should definitely watch it if you didn't get to see it in theatres, or if you want to watch it again.. cos I mean, seriously, it's been high up on my recently watched for like almost two months now :) Haha. It gives me super duper superhero feels, and Tony Stark is a good time. PLUS OMG MARK RUFFALO. okay.
 4. CLERKS: This is totally on Netflix, it has been for what feels like a year.. I actually think it might be a year. I think it was put on last summer. Anyhow, Clerks is a classic Kevin Smith movie, they also have Chasing Amy available if you feel like laughcrying your head off, I'd pick either of these. Clerks II is okay, not as good as Clerks original though. This movie is perf, top notch hilarious. And if you don't think it's funny, that's fine, but you're wrong. 

5. IDENTITY THIEF: okay, I have like zero room to talk cos I just watched this movie not even too long ago, but it was awesome enough that I was like, lol yes nora put it on da list naow. This movie isn't on Netflix, THOUGH IT IS CURRENTLY AT REDBOX (july 27). Melissa McCarthy is hands down my favorite actress, and Jason Bateman is forever my AD love, so I mean, this was a match made in heaven perfect for my soul, I think. I thought this film was really well written, and balanced funny and serious in an even amount.

Okay, happy movie watching. :)

Love, Noralee

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Tamara S said...

I haven't watched any yet D: But I really need to see the Avengers, like ASAP! xD