Monday, December 30, 2013

13 pretty okay moments of 2013.

1. In March I lost someone to a stupid too soon death, I failed some school, and I went to Washington DC to talk about rape culture. I had the time of my life, even through the shit.

2. My whole summer consisted of fun-time-hangs, and in August, Alex booked me for my first show. It was tight. And I’ve come a pretty long way since then.

3. The night before school started I went to the last night of Blotto Fest. I met Kyndall, I met Ryan, I met Scarlett, and also had a hangover first day back to classes.

4. September, I turned 21, got wasted with every person I love.. And not to sound narcissistic but reflecting on this year with Ethan the other night, we concluded that that was the best party of the whole year.

5. I recorded my music this year.. and am beyond stoked to get it out to everyone who wants to hear it.

6. I met Meghan Tonjes & Mike Falzone this year. ALSO, I met Modern Baseball!

7. I got accepted to speak in Chicago this coming fucking year.

8. After going to a million house shows, I finally played my first one.. and yall, I got to fucking plug in.

9. I still have Stephen & Erik. We’re the three bestfriends that sometimes don’t answer our phones, but it’s okay.

10. I finally actually won a dang diddly doo giveaway on YouTube.. I felt like I caught myself a unicorn. (Thank you, Victoria!)

11. My dog has almost died 3 times this year, and he’s bounced back every single time. I’m thanking the dog gods hella.

12. I met Lexy and Boone this year, and without them I dunno what I’d be doing. They’re the kindest people I’ve ever met.. OH AND I witnessed Lexy Mendoza piss off of a roof. I also witnessed her pee in my neighbors yard at 3am because I made her laugh too hard in the car. I love you, Lexy. You are my best friend.

13. I’ve met some of the best people this year.. Shouts outs to Matt, Gefen, Thomas, Kevin, Dale, Grace!, Caitlin, Alex, Louis, Renae, Torry, Austin, Zakk (& whoever I’ve missed). And it’s just so wild to me cos I’d felt like I’d already met the people I needed a year ago. Anyway.. Hail Satan.

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