Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas Wishlist 2k13.

Hey ya'll. It snowed today, so I felt like this post was appropriate. Granted, I am probably not getting any of this for Christmas and I know that, but these are a couple things I want, some more than others, and some I'll eventually buy for myself in the next month or two. :)

1. Nume Hairdryer - I actually don't really care what brand as long as it's not Conair. Haha. I told my Mother that this was on the top of my christmas list, so out of everything on here this is probably something I may actually get.

2. Benefit High Brow - I recently watched MissMeghanMakeup do a tutorial and she used this.. It looked like a really great product, that I'll get eventually. :) Though, it'd be tight if Santa got it for me instead.

3. Lady Gaga's The Fame - I got a small bottle of this with one of my 100 perks from Sephora a few months ago, and I love it. I just hate that it's a drip bottle. It's not a roller or a spray, so that sucks - but I love the scent so even though I hate the lack of functionality of the bottle I have, I still make a point to wear it. So, it'd be awesome to get the full size with the spray head.

4. The Wet Brush - I recently watched Rachel Whitehurst's video on the Wet Brush and just.. I want to feel that feel on my hairs. I also told my Mother about this product, so ayyyyyyyyy, maybe! But, if not, whatever, it is 15 bucks, I'll totally buy it.

 These last two are luxury items that I'd never ask for from anyone besides my own pocket!

5. The Siglin boots in wine by Jeffrey Campbell - UGH. There is much want for these. But the PRICE IS TOO DAMN HIGH, YA'LL. Where the sales?

6. Sigma - I have two Sigma face brushes, the flat top and the round top kabuki. But, I'd really like to get either a complete set from Sigma, or just an eye brush set.

Hella Christmas feels goin on. Tell me what ya'll want for Christmas, too.

Love, Noralee


jess buckley said...

I definitely feel you on this list! I need a detangling brush, I'm obsessed with the benefit brow pencil, and I definitely need a new hairdryer! Hope santa brings you all these things!

Erica Sunshine said...

those shoes. those shoes have my heart!

noralee. said...


@JessBuckley - Thanks for the comment! I really want the Benefit High Brow so it's awesome to hear more people say they love it. :)