Friday, April 10, 2015

3 Websites Worth The Use

Hey guys, I use a couple websites that I think are pretty worthwhile when it comes to the internet and all of it's strange corners. So, I thought I'd make this tiny little guide for people who are interested in making money online, or getting free products, or anything in between. These are simply websites I really love using, and I am not sponsored by any of them. Just a user who thinks, fuck yeah, this is awesome. :)


I've been on SB for about a year now I think, and it's been only in the past six months that I've realized how awesome this website is. The concept behind this site is that you can earn Swagbucks, which translate into real life money at certain points. So, for example, 500 Swagbucks, is $5.00. To get the money, you can pick gift cards. I generally pick Amazon, because I have Amazon Prime and it makes shopping on there really simple. Some of the things you can do on SB to get gift cards is, play games, take surveys, participate in polls, A tip from me is that the gold surveys and the partner surveys are the best way to get things done.


If you're a musician, you might be into bandcamp, which is a really great website to list your music for sale or simply allow people to stream it. I thought I'd throw it on this list because if you haven't heard about it, it'll definitely change your life. If you're not a musician, but a  lover of music, you can sign up for a fan account, and follow any musicians you find to your taste. By following them, you'll know when they post new music or list merch. Here are a few bands on Bandcamp that I love:


Influenster is a website for anyone, and that's why I love it. It's a website that is based off your "influencing" pull via social networking. It's built around things most of us all already do. You don't need to be "famous" on YouTube or anywhere to use this website. You sign up, take some surveys, review some products, link your social media, and from there on out the website will contact you to take small surveys where they're looking for certain demographics to get boxes in the mail called VoxBoxes. For example, I have a post on here about the Carefree Voxbox, the survey I got asked me if I was interested in female hygienic products and would be interested in reviewing them, I said yes, and then a few days later received the box in the mail. 

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