Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Carefree VoxBox | 2015

Recently, I was asked by Influenster if I'd be down to check out/talk about feminine hygiene products. I was like, hell yeah, because what person with a vagina would turn down free shit that we shouldn't have to buy anyway!?

If you don't know what Influenster is, it is a website that has various companies with products who are looking for people to give honest opinions on them. The website is completely free, and I've been participating with it for a long time. They will send you emails when there are VoxBoxs currently happening, you'll take a survey, and if you line up with the demographics, you will receive the box in the mail. 

So, I qualified for the Carefree VoxBox. 
More details below the cut!

Here's what the box look like.. It's tiny, like fits in my palm, and so adorable.

 Here's the insert that came in the box above with some details for those getting the voxboxes, and also a coupon for the product.
Here is the actual product! I got this in the mail awhile ago, so I've since had time to try them out. I teeter between having a heavy flow and some months just very light. As you can see on the packaging that it is being marketed as being a liner, but more absorbent, like somewhat being marketed as a liner you could use like a regular pad. 

The verdict is that this is a great product. The shape of it is interesting, and it does adsorb really well. This is isn't something I'd probably purchase all of the time or use for all of my monthly joys, but these will not go to waste, and I think I'll end up using the coupon.

UPDATE: APRIL 30TH 2015: I think after further use of this product, that it's something I'd legit use. I'm gonna try to save the outside packaging so I can remind myself to talk about it in an empties video once I use them all. They really are a liner that can be considered on the pad side of the spectrum, and they're so tiny and discreet. It's fucking rad.

DISCLAIMER: "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

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