Thursday, May 7, 2015

the art of vlogging.

In October of 2014, I participated in "Vlogtober," on YouTube, which is basically a user posting a video every single day, most commonly vlogs, for the month of October. There are plenty of variations of this, such as Vlogust and Vlogmas. It's a cool thing.

When I decided to do this, in theory it sounded fucking awesome. The execution turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. I knew I liked watching vlogs, but I'd never exactly made one. I didn't know how to talk to camera about my life, or how to talk to camera in public, at all.

My attempts at vlogging, were really just collage style videos, without any sort of audio, with generally one of my friend's bands playing over the shots. I still make these types of videos, because they're fun, and sometimes you don't wanna hear someone talk for 2 minutes about their favorite kind of poptart, y'know?

So, 31 days later, I had completed Vlogtober, and I was so proud of myself. I'd like to start here by saying if you've ever been interested in vlogging, doing one of these will fucking make you or break you. If you think vlogging sounds cool, just try to do it everyday for a month. I remember the first day I woke up, November 1st, I immediately grabbed my phone to say hi and start a vlog. It was so strange to not do it at that point. This is when I learned that I liked to vlog, and the response I got from people showed me that others liked me vlogging.

Here is list of tips that I've learned as someone who posts vlogs really frequently now:

  1. Don't just vlog once and say it's not for you. Chances are in the end it could still not be "for you," but just doing it once is not going to tell you enough. 
  2. Talking to a camera is weird whether you do in your room or in public, so you just gotta work with that feeling. 
  3. Don't put on a front about who you are in real life. Vlogging is one of the most personal things you could do, and if your whole vlog sounds scripted, just fucking stop. 
  4. Time is a tricky thing, some people like super long vlogs and some folks don't. I've had success with keeping my vlogs under 5 minutes however, usually in the 3/4 department, by the way. 
  5. Besides the above, have some fun, and don't take your self too seriously at all, man. 

Here's my most recent vlog!: 

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