Monday, May 18, 2015

Things I learned in Community College

I recently graduated from community college. I started in the Fall after I graduated high school in 2011. I was a baby and I barely even wanted to be there.

I finished in 2014, back in December, and had to wait for the spring graduation since my campus doesn't have a winter grad.

This is just a few things I had to learn in that span of time. I think I will make more of these, but this is just the top ones I thought of when I decided I wanted to put this up.

  1. 8AM classes are sent from the Devil, but probably for a good reason. If it's a class that you can't keep your mind in, sometimes it's better to schedule it for the beginning of the day. I took 8AM Statistics because math has never been something good for me and when I would schedule it in the afternoon, it made it even harder to get through for me.
  2. Take advantage of very opportunity you see. Even if it's just some random poster you glimpse near the bookstore, some random post on your campus' social media, and even if you think it won't apply to you, fucking look into it. Things catch our attention for a reason, and there is never harm in finding out what something is about! Because of this lil piece of advice, I got to go on three pretty big trips, two of which were out of this state (Washington, DC & Chicago! holla!), and I joined a club that has really furthered me and will continue to help me even as an alumni.
  3. Participate with things going on in the classroom and on campus. A lot of people have this idea that in college your voice is useless, however if you're at a community college these are the class sizes that are directed towards you as the student to learn to use your voice, because later if you transfer you're going to need this skill. When it comes to events on campus, get in on it. There is this whole bullshit clause that people attach to community colleges, saying they're only an extension of high school and not a real college education, which is really not true. There are going to be events. There are going to be workshops. There are going to be panels. There are going to be things that participating in will help you, inform you, and entertain you.
  4. Give yourself a class to look forward to. If you give yourself only strenuous classes, you'll have a hard work load. I learned this the hard way, as a little baby 18 year old in my second semester, crying in the bathroom because, "WHY IS THIS SO HARD? why can't i do anything right? why do i not want to ever get out of bed? why does it physically hurt to be here??" I learned that I was having a bad time because I had weighed myself down with only classes that were, yes, necessary, but that no, I did not need to take them all at the same time. You need electives for your degree anyway, so, HEY, give yourself a fun class, something to look forward to, and something that will be easy on your mind. 
BONUS TIP: use ratemyprofessor, ya'll. But with a grain of salt. I still use it for everything, but I always remember that people generally review someone when they're pissed. So just because someone is pissed, doesn't mean a lot about your decision.. now when like 50 people over the past likeeeee 3 years, then hey maybe you shouldn't take that professor. 

A photo from my graduation on May 15, 2015

Here's my recent vlog, which is also alllll about my graduation!

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