Friday, June 12, 2015

Bath Appreciation Post

I recently got into taking baths. I know, crazy, but I'm a 22 year old lady who hasn't taken a bath since I was a kid. Once I started taking showers as a kid, I never went back to baths.

Since moving in with my boyfriend and the other folks living here, I've had to fight for bathroom time. It wasn't a big deal to me because David and I have our own bathroom off of our room, it has a nice sink, toilet, and a tub. All I ever needed bathroom "time" for was taking my shower. I would wait until everyone had gone to sleep, and then get my shower in.

After going to my Mom's house to visit, she convinced me I should use the tub in the bathroom off of our room. It's just a tub, no shower head, and no one had ever used it since they moved into the house over 5 years ago. I was nervous about it. My mom sent me home with two bottles of bubble bath from Avon, and told me to let her know how it went.

WELL, IT'S FUCKING RAD. Like how come I never knew how cool baths are? Is this a secret society that no one wanted to let me in on? Taking a bath in our bathroom means no one knocks on the door and there is optimal relaxation.

I've been using a few products I picked up from World Market, recently, and I think I'll make a bigger post about bath products in the future once I've gotten more to try out. For now, here's a few shots of bathwater with some World Market fizzies inside.

The two blue shots on the left are while using fizzies and salts both under the scent "Fresh Cotton." And the far right is while using fizzies and salts both in the scent, "Verdana." I got all of these products from World Market. The blue was definitely more vibrant than the green, but either way they were fun to try out.

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