Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Maybelline Better Skin Foundation *Week 3 Update *

Three weeks ago Influenster sent me a full size foundation, it was the Maybelline Better Skin Super Stay Foundation.

I did a demo and a review of it after my second day of wearing it. You can see that video here:

My first week I didn't see much change in my overall skin tone, but I enjoyed the fact that my face wasn't having any kind of zit reaction to the formula. And damn did I put it through some shit. I slept in this foundation. I worked out in this foundation. I went to a punk show in the dead of summer without AC. And the honest truth is that it's held up each time. 

By the end of the second week, I was really seeing how much my skin was starting to glow. My face was clear, and my skin just seemed to glow from within. 

I did a three week update at the end of my third week, so you can see my skin, here it is:

I'm very happy with how my skin looks with this foundation. I cannot say it's tone corrected any discoloring as it claims to do, but I will say the things it DOES do are amazing, and maybe it will correct dark spots with continued use, we'll see. 

I'll keep ya'll updated on this foundation, but at this point in time, I fucking love it. 

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